Las Fallas 2018

Las Fallas 2018

Event Info:

  • 15 Mar, 2018
  • 10 AM
  • Valencia


Las Fallas, a Valencian traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph is undoubtedly one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain. The country, known for its unique and odd fiestas, leaves no stone unturned to make this festival a real fun for the participants and on lookers.

Though the formal flag off takes place on 1st March with an explosion of firecrackers mascletas in the square in front of the City Hall, the real fun begins from March 16th onwards as the city is decorated with over 700 symbols and figures. Las Fallas literally means 'the fires' in Valencian. So, quite naturally the focus of the fiesta lies on the creation and destruction of ninots puppets or dolls, which are made of huge cardboard, wood, paper-mache and plaster statues. The ninots are extremely lifelike and usually depict bawdy, satirical scenes and current events.

Besides the burning of the ninots, there is a myriad of other activities during the fiesta. The days and nights in Valencia are one running party during the Fallas. There are processions galore consisting of- historical processions, religious processions, and hysterical processions. Even though, there is a bit of argument and speculations on the origin of this festival, many tend to credit the fire as an evolution of pagan rituals that celebrated the onset of spring and the planting season.

Whatever the roots might be, but on the apparent value, Las Fallas is a real party season in the hypnotic nation of Spain and Spaniards!